Sure my boyfriend is a nice guy, but I do regret leaving Barnes Cray escorts for him

There are days when I am not sure what he wants from me, and I seem to be a little bit of everything to him. Some of the girls at Barnes Cray escorts from have also left the escort agency to hook up with guys, and I think they have ended up in similar relationships. Most of us used to be by the side of the man we have like.
Is my boyfriend in love with me? I am not sure that he is actually in love with me at all. It is a little bit like he wanted me to leave Barnes Cray escorts so that he could have someone there at his back and call. Okay, during the day when he is at work, I get a chance to do my own thing, and I have spent the time in the right way by getting some training. If it all goes wrong, I would not want to go back to Barnes Cray escorts. I thought I left the escort agency in Barnes Cray to do something different, and that is what I would like to do.
My boyfriend, if that is what he is, likes to do a lot of entertaining and we go out a lot. His friends are critical to him, and he expects me to look my best all of the time. I don’t mind as he pays for all of the things that I need and clothes that I wear, but I sometimes do not feel so good about it. When I worked at Barnes Cray escorts, I was very much my person, but I do not think like that anymore. It is a little bit like I have become a commodity to this guy.
Sometimes during the day, he even phones me up with tasks to do. Like today, he phoned me and asked me if I could do some housework as the cleaning lady is sick. It is not a problem, but did I leave Barnes Cray escorts to household cleaning duty? No, that is not really what I wanted to do, and I am not sure I have done the right thing by leaving Barnes Cray escorts for this guy.
But I have still got my flat, and I have not told him about that at all. Sure, if I wanted to leave, I could, but I have a little while for the rental contract on my flat to end. In the meantime, I have told that I am planning to find myself a part-time job, and I have a couple of interviews this week. It is a matter of getting some experience under my belt. Once I have done that, I think that I will move on. I am not sure what he wants from me, and that is what is upsetting me. Feeling used and abused is something that I do not enjoy at all.

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